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Summer 2024 - Dates TBA

A day camp for Ages 4-8

Creative Movement

...allows kids to take part in imaginative, expressive, and interactive play-dance

Music Making

...allows kids to discover and experience creating music of their own using instruments and everyday objects

Visual Arts 

...introduces inventive craft projects that will foster play and fun

Story Telling & Creation

...engages kids in active storytelling, teaching them valuable skills for live-performance creation

Pink Splash

Schedule& Price

Pink Splash

2024 Dates TBA



9:00am – 12:30pm

3 classes per day 




9:00am - 3:30pm

5 classes per day



A trained supervisor will accompany each SummerArts group throughout their day. Within each class, in addition to the group supervisor, there will be a qualified teacher. SummerArts office staff will be available to assist children before and after the program, as well as in between classes. Physical distance will be maintained as much as possible throughout the program, and contact between children and staff will be minimized; when hands-on assistance is necessary, proper hand-washing will always be enforced before and after.

Safety & COVID-19 Policies

  • All children attending SummerArts will need to have the “COVID-19 Health & Safety Agreement” signed on their Registration form. A child will not be able to attend SummerArts without committing to these health and safety guidelines. 

  • If your child is feeling unwell for any reason please do not bring them to the studio. If your child becomes ill in the middle of the day, we will contact you to collect them as soon as possible.



To register, download the registration form and send your completed form to


Contact Kathryn at

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