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Offering high-quality dance training for over 40 years
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The School of Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre's expert faculty seek to make an art of the natural joy of movement found in every child, providing a unique alternative to competition based training. We offer dance classes for toddlers, children and youth.

Royal Academy of Dance Ballet - Our ballet program approaches the classic dance form with creativity and sensitivity to refine the child’s natural ability within the context of ballet technique.

Limón Modern - Our classes possess a liberating, playful quality that is brilliantly suited to a young dancer’s development, providing a perfect complement to classical forms.

Jazz Dance - Let loose to the energizing beat of pop music and explore a range of dynamics with technical skill.

Tap Dance - Students develop their sense of musicality and complex rhythms through creative improvisation while learning the fundamentals of tap technique.

Hip Hop - These invigorating classes develop rhythm, coordination, stamina, and confidence in young dancers.

Amazing teachers, accompanists, and staff!
Highly recommend this school as they have highly qualified and passionate teachers who know the pedagogy of teaching children and adolescents! My kids love dancing here!

-Mom of two

... not only professional dance teachers, they are truly connected to art!


I was a CCDT company dancer for two years and now, a professional dancer. Looking back now I am absolutely honored. The company integrates professional level artists in the community with young professionals and continues to integrate and push dancers to a professional standard. This is missing in a lot of dance schools and companies. It truly is a magical place that continues to emphasize inclusivity, positivity, and values arts in a way that should be appreciated. It truly is an amazing place and a space to be a part of.

-CCDT Company & Pre-Professional Alumnus

The School of Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre
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