Health & Safety Protocol

Please review and follow all COVID-19 pandemic protocol to ensure everyone's health and safety. We are strictly following all recent guidelines put in place by the Ontario government.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the rapidly evolving state of the pandemic, and our understanding of the available scientific research and best safety practices recommended by health professionals, all COVID-19 protocols are subject to change.

Last Updated: Jan 24 2022

The School of CCDT has signed the Ontario Dance and Performing Arts Schools Workplace Guidelines for COVID-19Please read the full document and the overview below to learn how we are committed to keeping our staff, students, and community safe upon reopening 509 DANCE.


  • Hand washing or sanitizing will be required upon entering the building, before entering the dance studios, and after classes. Students are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer, however it will be available throughout the building. 

  • The schedule has been altered to stagger class times and allow for 15-minute breaks between classes for cleaning. 

  • Ballet barres and other high-touch surfaces will be cleaned frequently. 

  • Dance studios will be misted with an environmentally-friendly anti-viral solution prior to classes involving floor work.

  • Our building and studio equipment have been treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield®, a lasting, world-class antimicrobial surface treatment which uniquely provides enduring protection against the growth of microbes on high-touch areas.

  • Our HVAC system has been set to allow a maximum amount of fresh air circulation throughout the building.


*What if my child or a member of my household is feeling sick?*

The School of CCDT is following the Toronto District School Board's COVID-19 School Decision Guide. Click below to view the latest guidelines on whether or not your child should attend dance classes based on their symptoms, or the symptoms of another household member.


School Decision Guide

Updated Jan 10 2022

Prior to Arrival

  • Parents/guardians must screen the student for symptoms of COVID-19 before coming to the studio; students who feel ill will not be permitted to enter the building

  • Students should be dressed for class; change room access will be limited

  • Hair should be up and ready for class; staff will not assist with hairstyles

  • Students should use the washroom before arriving at the studio whenever possible; washroom access will be limited


Arriving at the Studio

  • Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to class

  • Line up on the south side of the building (towards the Pear Tree) to enter

  • Please respect the physical distancing markings while lining up

  • The student and one parent/guardian (if required) may enter the building, one family at a time

  • All dancers and parents/guardians must wear masks when entering, and masks are to be worn at all times while inside the building

  • Students and staff with any symptoms, or who have come into contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, should refrain from coming to class. Please see the COVID-19 School Decision Guide above for more information regarding when to isolate and for how long.

  • Only registered students will be permitted to enter. Register your child a minimum of 2 business days prior to their first class.

  • The Assistant School Administrators will no longer process registrations. All registrations will be processed between the hours of 9AM-5PM, Monday-Friday, by email, phone, or scheduled appointment only.

  • Parents/guardians of students older than 6 may only enter to drop off their child and must leave once they are safely inside. 

  • Parents/guardians of students 6 and under may stay briefly to assist the student if necessary; parents/guardians may not stay in the lobby during class time.

  • Dancers will wash or sanitize their hands before entering the studio.


Personal Belongings

  • Students should have a large enough bag with them for all belongings.

  • All personal belongings will be brought into the studio and placed 6 feet apart against the wall, and during ballet classes the student will put their bag next to them at the barre.

  • Dancers taking multiple classes in one day should consider switching to a clean mask partway through the day, making sure to keep your extra mask in a clean plastic bag until it is needed. 



  • Students are required to wear their mask in common areas and during dance classes to further reduce possible aerosol transmission of COVID-19. 

  • Class intensity will be monitored and adjusted accordingly to ensure dancer health and safety while wearing masks during physical activity.

  • As cloth masks have been shown to be less effective, we strongly recommend students wear 3-ply medical-grade masks. 

  • More Info on Dancing in A Face Mask:

    • DanceSpirit: How to Dance in a Face Mask


After Class

  • Students must ensure their masks are on, and sanitize their hands immediately after class

  • Students who have no further classes should proceed immediately to the lobby, put on their shoes, and either wait for their parent/guardian to pick them up or – if the student has permission from their parent/guardian – may exit the building on their own


Between Classes

  • If a student has a break between classes, they may remain in the lobby or other designated break area

  • Students may use the washroom one at a time during breaks

  • Students may have a small snack between classes if necessary

  • Students with ballet and modern in the same day should wear convertible tights if possible to avoid the necessity of changing between classes

  • The change room may be used two at a time, for changing or hand washing purposes only (or two parent/child pairs, when assistance is needed to change)

  • During breaks, students must wear their masks, or if eating and drinking must maintain physical distance of at least 6 feet

  • Students are strongly encouraged to avoid talking/socializing on breaks without masks

  • 15-minute breaks have been built into the schedule between all classes to allow for cleaning the studios and for the HVAC system to circulate fresh air into the room

  • Students who leave the building between classes will be required to line up for reentry; students are strongly discouraged from leaving the building on 15-minute breaks



  • Please arrive promptly on time to pick up your child

  • Line up on the south side of the building, respecting physical distancing

  • Parents/guardians may enter one at a time to collect their children

  • Do not attempt to enter the building before the end of your child’s class, you will be asked to return outside

If we are required to shut down again...

Should restrictions require that we cease in-studio classes during the course of the 2021-2022 school year, classes will move online.