ADULT MODERN: Limón Technique

Beginner/Intermediate Level

CCDT offers adults the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of dance, including physical fitness, body awareness and confidence.

Discover the joy of movement with our experienced and welcoming staff.  Our Limón modern dance gives students the rare opportunity to explore the art and craft of contemporary movement. The Limón technique possesses a liberating quality and provides a perfect complement to the classical forms.

Sep 2020 - June 2021 Session Dates

Wednesdays 7:45pm - 9:00pm

Instructor: Meredith Thompson

Fee: $200 for 12 weeks

ADULT CONTEMPORARY: Simonson Technique

Beginner/Intermediate Level


The adult contemporary class provides an opportunity for dancers to experience new and familiar ways of moving. Informed by principles of various modern dance techniques, release techniques and somatic practice, each session incorporates opportunities to explore floor work, centre work, travelling work and improvisation. Dancers are encouraged to self-reference movement as they nurture their mind-body connection and sensory awareness in a supportive environment. All levels welcome.

Upcoming session dates and times TBA

Instructor: Andrea Downie

Fee: $135 for 8 weeks

SILVER SWANS® - Ballet Classes for 55+  

Silver Swans® classes are ballet classes for ages 55+ (but all adults are welcome!). Developed by the Royal Academy of Dance and taught by licensed teachers, this is a fun, educational class that will help improve balance, mobility, posture, and coordination. No experience necessary!

Upcoming session dates & times TBA

Instructors: Carmen Cairns, Stephanie Violin

Fee: $135 for 8 weeks


C-I Training™ (conditioning-with-imagery) is a body system developed for dancers that is accessible to all kinds of movers. This revolutionary work can assist with injury prevention, improved training practices, and appropriate warm-up procedures, all facilitated by the use of vivid imagery to inform and enhance the mind-body connection. No experience necessary!

Sep 2020 - June 2021 Session Dates & Times TBA

Instructor: Andrea Downie

Fee: $135 for 8 weeks

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